Next Games - Monday December 16th, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. 

Division A Round #15

Mango Bar.vs.Pink Sheep
Black Pearl.vs.Pita Bar
White Hart.vs.Black Bull A
Black Sheep.vs.O's Bar
Dilligaf Bar.vs.Islander A

Division B Round #17

Lulu Bar.vs.Black Pearl Rangers
Sabai Bar.vs.Black Panthers
Black Bull B.vs.Spot Bar
Pat's Red.vs.Tamarind Pool Bar
The Cosmopolitans.vs.Moonlight Bar
Islander B.vs.Pat's Blue

Rawai Pool League supports a number of great local charities both in Rawai and across Phuket.

Season 16 includes an update to the rules. Visit the Rules page to see the all updates including rule-changes.

For all recent updates, photos and more you can visit the Rawai Pool League Facebook Group.

Bar contact Information

Contact information (address, map, tel, etc.) for all bars/teams can be found on the .

See for details on rescheduling, delaying or moving your game.


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