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The Rawai Pool League ("RPL") is one of Thailand's largest non-professional pool leagues. Successfully operated for 19 seasons, the RPL have currently 28 teams. The purpose of the RPL is provide a regular social activity for players while also promoting the participating bars.

Next Season of the RPL will commence on Monday, November 6, 2023. New teams from Rawai are welcome to join the RPL.

Entering a team in RPL next Season will give you all of the following benefits:

  1. Guaranteed Monday-night revenue for your business - half of your matches are played at home, and visiting teams will spend a minimum of THB 1'200 at your bar. Very often the visiting team's tab is a multiple of that amount, and players regularly bring partners and friends to matches. Your own team will provide additional custom at all matches.
  2. Bring new potential customers to your business - over each season each team plays each other team at home and away. You get to show your business to all league players during the season, and many players are permanent residents on Phuket. So the RPL is a great way to find new all-year-round customers.
  3. Online and newspaper exposure for your business - we promote the RPL and participating bars in the following ways:
  4. We plan on rolling out new marketing tactics in next Season which will further help bars to market their businesses.
  5. Share your business's pool-related events with a highly targeted 250-member Facebook group of local Thai and Expat pool fans and players. We allow participating bars to publish pool-related offers to our Facebook Group which then get seen by our members and more broadly across Facebook.
  6. Invitation to the End-of-Season party with free food and a THB 1'500 bar tab for each team's drinks on the night. Enjoy a great night out with free food and drinks, and trophies for winning teams and top players in last Season.
  7. Most importantly, a fun night of competitive pool every Monday night where players can meet new people, have a few drinks, and play a great match with like-minded players in Rawai.


New teams are admitted at the start of each season. The cost to enter a team is THB 3'000. Fees are payable in full at the Team Owners/Captains meeting.

New teams can register at the registration meeting at the end of the current season

when: 7:30pm, Monday October 23, 2023
where: Happy Bar, Rawai See here

Please also see Rules for details of how the RPL functions, in particular (4) Drinks & Drink Prices and (6) Minimum Spend.


Contact Committee members for more details:

Rawai Pool League supports a number of great local charities both in Rawai and across Phuket.

Contact us on Facebook if you have a bar/team and would like to join the RPL.


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