Due to Buddha Ok Phansa Day on October 10...
the calendar is moved one week.


Due to the many cases of Covid among RPL players,

Season 18 is suspended indefinitely

till further notice.



Next Monday

  Round #18 - Monday February 6th, 2023 at 7:30 p.m.  

Swiss Lions.vs.Candy Bar B
Sally Bar.vs.Nanny Bar
Pat's Cafe.vs.City Bar Ladies
Trap City Bar.vs.Shot Big Boobs
Sawan Bar.vs.Crazy Bar
City Bar Slickers.vs.The Cosmopolitans B
Islander A.vs.Black Bull Superstar
Black Bull Alpha.vs.Monkey Bar
Black Bull Kappa.vs.Islander B
The Cosmopolitans A.vs.Red Bottle Bar
Spot Bar.vs.Happy Bar
Shot Bar.vs.Moonlight Bar
Candy Bar A.vs.Dilligaf Bar
Pita Bar.vs.Deco-Stop Bar

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Season 17 includes an update to the rules. Visit the Rules page to see the all updates including rule-changes.

For all recent updates, photos and more you can visit the Rawai Pool League Facebook Group.

Bar contact Information

Contact information (address, map, tel, etc.) for all bars/teams can be found on the

See for details on rescheduling, delaying or moving your game.



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