Charity Funds

The Rawai Pool League proudly supports the following local charities in Rawai and Phuket.

The collection of money from the charity boxes takes place every 2 months on the above dates between 7:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Charity Box Collection Season 21

Currently in checkout: THB 228'500.-

See the account details or it.

07.05.24: THB  33'900.- Result of 18 boxes.
05.03.24: THB  23'000.- Result of 16 boxes.
02.01.24: THB  25'800.- Result of 19 boxes.
07.11.23: THB  12'200.- Result of 17 boxes.
05.09.23: THB  23'700.- Result of 20 boxes.
04.07.23: THB  22'700.- Result of 19 boxes.
03.07.23: THB  10'000.- Donation Shanti Lodge.

Charity Football Match - Friday May 3rd, 2024

Oak Meadow FC Vs Yes School FC

Last Friday 3rd May, We organised a football match with the YES School in Rawai, a Burmese school which is run by a couple from South Korea. We have helped this school for the last 7 years and when a friend of mine reached out to me about needing a football kit for the players, We did not hesitate to sponsor them.
Tye YES School have never played a friendly match before, so I asked the Head of PE in my school if it was possible for a friendly match, which he was happy to sort out. Even A bus was organised by a friend who helped coordinate the game, so everyone could get the chance to travel up to Chalong.
In the very first match they played, the boys from the YES School did not have any footie boots, so the home team kids gave their spare boots to play on.
We were not disappointed with the talent on show and We played 3 x 15 minutes so everyone got the chance to play. Even our girls got the chance to play which was amazing to see. The YES School scraped through with a well deserved win in the end with 2-3 at the stop of play.
The RPL Committee would like to thank everyone for your support on the day and also for all our patrons that keep donating to our worthy cause. It really does mean everything to these kids and it was great to witness.

The Deaf Club Society of Phuket. - Sunday March 31th, 2024

The RPL Committee bought several important office supplies

We purchased items for THB 37,600.-, such as the computer, printer, office table, plastic chairs, air conditioning, etc. The Deaf community really needed these items and can now open a permanent office just off Mearluang Road near Khao Rang. They can also hold more integrated group meetings and start laying the foundation for an office well-equipped with these essentials.
Deaf clubs and community groups play a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging, empowerment and support for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These gatherings provide a space where community members can come together, share experiences, and access valuable resources.

Social connection and friendship.
Deaf clubs and community groups provide a unique opportunity for people with hearing loss to socialize and form meaningful friendships. These gatherings create a supportive environment in which members can communicate freely using sign language and feel understood without the barriers often found in mainstream society.
Living with hearing loss can create feelings of isolation, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression. Deaf clubs provide a safe space where individuals can openly discuss their challenges and experiences, reducing feelings of isolation.

The RPL Committee would like to thank all our patrons for complementing the Holy Trinity of Life organizations which included the Wheelchair Association, Phuket Blind Association and now the Phuket Deaf Club.


The Association of the Blind. Phuket. - Sunday March 3rd, 2024

Purchasing essential office supplies

The RPL donated much needed office supplies to The Association of the Blind. We bought for their office, an Acer table computer, Brother printer, office desk , Ink refills, A4 paper and a nice stable office chair for a total of THB 25'9738. The Association is located in Phuket town, just behind Vachira hospital.

  • The Association of the Blind. Phuket.
  • Soi 1, Yaowarat Rd. Muang Phuket 83000
  • Tel: 07 622 4204
The organisation supports the local people in Phuket and with over 250 associates to look out for the office can now start to make use of their clients. This will strengthen their support of the Blind and its engagement of social activities.


Asia Center Foundation - Phuket Thailand ( NGO) - Monday September 11th, 2023

First donation to the Asia Center Foundation

Message from the Foundation :
"We would like to thank the members of the Rawai Pool League who donated stationery, hygiene and medical items to us yesterday as well as milk for children and dry food. Donations like these help our funds to go further and allow us to continue !"
Thanks Kelly, Mark and Ding for dropping by with this generous donation !


SOS Children's Village - Monday April 22th, 2023

SOS Children's Village 3rd episode

We delivered to the SOS Children's Village with love an AED defibrillator and an AED safety box and a batch of new school uniforms donated by Shanti Lodge Charity Shop.
Thank you Mark Laurence for coming to help out on his busy morning. Thanks to everyone involved.
One love, one life.

In the coming weeks, Vinnie Modell and his emergency team will be giving a free training course for the staff and mothers of this wonderful foundation.


SOS Children's Village - Monday April 15th, 2023

SOS Children's Village 2nd episode

The RPL Committee returned to the SOS VILLAGE in Kho Keaw to deliver THB 15'000 worth of rice, water, toiletries, medical goods, medicine and girl care which we promised before songkran.
We had also purchased the swimming pools, on April 10, so that the younger ones could enjoy Songkrang. They will send some photos after editing them.
Thank you to everyone who helps donate to these worthy causes.


SOS Children's Village - Monday April 10th, 2023

Purchase of 4 large inflatable pools

The RPL Committee visited the SOS Children's Village in Kho Keaw yesterday and provided the village with 4 large inflatable pools for Songkran tomorrow. The village were desperate to get these inflatable pools, so the young children there could enjoy a very special day. We will also be donating more goodies to the village when we get the list of materials they need.
There are currently over 100 children at the village with 12 families dedicating their time to ensure the children are taken care of and to establish a foundation in their early lives. The RPL Committee are dedicated to helping those who need it the most and with your help, we are doing it together. Thank you for donating to our non profit organisation.
SOS Children’s Villages endeavours to strengthen local families by offering day-care for their children at the SOS Kindergarten. For poor families, especially for single parents, it is important to have a place where professionals look after their children. This enables parents to work and earn a living, without having to leave their children unattended.
Children whose families can no longer take care of them can find a new home in one of the twelve SOS families. The children from the SOS families attend local schools or the SOS Kindergarten together with local children, which helps them become part of the community. This is important for their integration into society when they grow up.


Holland House Kathu - Thursday February 23th, 2023

Purchases of various items needed by the Foundation

The Rawai Pool League donated THB 17'123.- worth of night gowns, pajamas, meats, food, toiletries and cleaning products to the Holand House Project in Kathu.
Holland House concentrates on small-scale local child care, using existing infrastructure and closely interacting with local institutions.
The Holland House activities can be directed towards (abused) street kids, needy children in one-parent families, for example, or full orphans. The emphasis is on supporting families which need temporary assistance until stability has been restored or children have reached the age of 18.


Rawai Animal Rescue and Adoption Center - Saturday November 26th, 2022

Purchase of animal feed.

We bought and delivered for THB 12'675.- food for animals (dogs and cats) from the Rawai Animal Rescue and Adoption Center. These donations earned us a certificate of appreciation of which we are proud.


Chalong Volunteers Rescue Club - Saturday November 26th, 2022

Rawai Pool League donated an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to members of Chalong Volunteers Rescue Club

THB 48'340.- is the sum that the Rawai Pool League spent to provide a defibrillator to the Chalong Volunteers Rescue club.


Yes School Rawai - Tuesday September 27th, 2022

Super donation from the Swiss foundation "Confrérie des Torses Nus"

Today was a very special day. The RPL together with Mr. Vincent Corbaz, from Switzerland and friend with Eric Colombo, donated stationery supplies and sports equipment to the "Yes School" here in Rawai. Mr Corbaz kindly donated THB 171'600 to the RPL for us to distribute to some of our charities around Phuket.
He flew into phuket especially to hand over the money and to meet and greet some of the students and staff here in the school. He has been coming to Rawai for sometime now and he has seen the good charitable work the RPL does in the community. So it was a real pleasure to meet him today and we promise to spread the money donated today to those whom need it the most.
The students made us some beautiful bracelets and hand made cards, which were made with such love ?
Thank you to our community here in Rawai and all the players associated with the RPL. Today was such a special day we will all remember.


Good Shepard school - Friday August 19th, 2022

Rawai Pool League donates THB 32’885.- to the Good Shepard school in Rasada

Today, the RPL donated THB 32'885 worth of goodies to The Good Shepard school in Rasada, Phuket Town. The school is run by the Catholic Church and the Head of the school is Nun Sr.Lakana Suksuchit.
4 years ago we bought a large cooker for them as part of their kitchen and so they can cook more food for the growing number of kids at the school. Back then, there were only a hundred or so kids at the school, but now there are over 300 kids from Primary through to secondary. Due to the civil unrest in Mayanmar and during COVID-19. Many families have been unable to return to Thailand, Leaving their kids here with family and friends and with Thai families too. In the last few month, nuns from Bangkok, came down to teach the secondary kids how to make bread, cakes and soap, as to cut the cost of living and to sustain a better environment for the kids and to give them better skills for everyday living.
A house was donated to them, which they have transformed as a cafe as to allow locals to buy from the cafe and help raise money for the school. They were desperate for a refrigerated cake display, so they could keep things fresh for days and sell a lot more. The RPL supplied them this and also a printer for the students to use in their computer room.
We also bought everyday stationery items for the grand total of:

  1. Refrigerated cake display = 15'540 B
  2. HP Printer plus 4 large ink bottles = 3'600 B
  3. Stationery items = 13'745 B
Total= 32'885 B


Sunshine Village in Rasada - Saturday July 23th, 2022

Rawai Pool League donates THB 15’134.- to the Sunshine Village in Rasada

Saturday, July 23, 2022 The Rawai Pool League donated THB 15’134.- to the Sunshine Village in Rasada.
We purchased toiletries, clothing, stationery and health care products. It has has been several years since we had donated there and it was nice to see some familiar faces once again. I would like to personally thank.
Mark from the Islander helping out with the transport there and back and helping buying all these goodies for the orphanage. If anyone is interested in going there or helping out in any way, then you can contact them directly:
info (@)
Thank you to all our patrons that contributed to this ongoing cause in our community.


Phuket Child Watch Baan Lung Pitak school - Wednesday February 23th, 2022

Rawai Pool League donates THB 7'270.- to Phuket Baan Lung Pitak school

The RPL have helped out the Phuket Child Watch school in Phuket this week. Due to the COVID19 situation affecting all schools in Phuket, the school has been closed at various times. The school asked if we could help with ATK tests, medical gloves, washing detergents and various other cleaning agents.
The school now can do a bi weekly test on all the children who come to the school. I was lucky enough to be there at a time when a local government official made a meeting with the school and they will start to recognise the efforts of the school to help them too.
Thank you for all your help in raising money to help every the smallest of ways we can help the community.


Blink N Sun Company, Rawai. - Wednesday February 16th, 2022

Rawai Pool League donates to Blink N Sun Company THB 10'400.-.

The RPL met with the owner and staff of "Blink n Sun" company here in Rawai. Jérôme, Jean Luc Renson and Pierre Gentric to discuss the funding towards the "Special Education Centre" in Kathu.
The RPL have been involved with the Centre for a few years and Jerome was interested in helping out the autistic and downsyndrom school. They have agreed upon supporting the Centre with an additional 100 hens for laying eggs, that the children there take care of them daily.
We have already purchased 200kg of new chicken feed and we are awaiting the delivery of a further 100 Hens next month. The RPL are very pleased of the support from BlinknSun Rawai and their contribution to the centre. Thank you very much. You can check out their Facebook page for more information about their company.


Shanti Lodge in Chalong makes a very generous donation - Thursday November 25th, 2021

Rawai Pool League received a generous donation of THB 10'000.-.

The Rawai Pool League are very greatful to receive THB 10'000.- from some very dear friends for the RPL Charity Cause. My good friends that have worked for free throughout the Covid 19 situation distributing food, clothes and anything they can to those who have needed it the most. Clare and Kath who now run the new charity shop in the Shanti Lodge in Chalong ( just before Tesco Chaofa West) are selling second Hand clothes and anything that people donate to them. If you are in the area, please drop in for a coffee or a bite to eat at the lodge. All the money they raise is going to go to charities all over Phuket. Thank you so much for your kind donation.


Kusoldharm Foundation Emergency Rescue Volunteers - Saturday May 8th, 2021

Rawai Pool League donated an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to members of Kusoldharm Foundation Emergency Rescue Volunteers.

The device will be located on their ambulance based out of Patong. Its main use will be by trained technicians resuscitating people involved in traffic accidents as well as other incidents and is expected to save lives across Phuket, the league said in an announcement.
The company providing the equipment, Prosperous, based in Bangkok, have committed to providing an additional unit free of charge each time the first one is used to save a person’s life. The aim is for all rescue vehicles in Phuket to have a unit and save lives.
As a thank you to the Rawai Pool League the Kusoldharm Foundation Emergency Rescue Volunteers have offered to train staff at each of the 17 bars that participate in the league and this should take place in the coming weeks once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Thank you to Mark Laurence Mark (Islander) and Veerayut Tapsan UU (Black Bull) for handing over the life saving machine and also Rainier Rawai for taking the photos. This is a very special day for our community.


Phuket Child Watch Baan Lung Pitak school - Tuesday February 2nd, 2021

Rawai Pool League donates to Phuket Baan Lung Pitak school

The Rawai Pool League committee is please to announce our donation of THB 12'720 to Baan Lung Pitak school which is next to the old prison in Phuket Town.
Since the transfer of prisoners to Talang 2 months ago, the school has been allowed to stay open with permission of Mayor of Phuket. With the lack of funds and mothers that cannot work, the school is run by volunteers and locals who continue to run the school.
The RPL is more than happy to help out these vulnerable kids at these times and today we delivered hundreds of nappies for the 1-4 year olds. 200kg of rice and bags of chicken so that the wee ones would not go hungry too soon. The school is always looking for donations, so please get involved if you can.
Every little helps. We thank all the patrons of the league that keep on donating what they can. Thank you all for care in the community.

Representing the RPL, Jig and Will presents items to Khun Noi of Phuket Child Watch pictured with staff and children at Baan Lung Pitak school.


Help financially for meals in Rawai, Phuket - Sunday April 19th, 2020

Rawai Pool League help financially the volunteers who provide meals to the poor.

The Rawai Pool League has donated 5,000 baht to Kay McDonnell and the Rawai Love Heart Group on facebook, who are cooking daily for those people in Rawai that have fallen on tough times during the COVID 19 pandemic. Kay and friends are buying food for people who can help the community by giving food bags, meals and water to those less fortunate. As The Rawai Pool League is a community in itself, we are more than happy to help out our people in their moment in need.
Thank you Kay and all the people helping out and giving back to this amazing place. If you would like to help out in any way. Please contact Kay McDonnell personally or join the Rawai Love Heart Group and see what you can do to help.

We also made another donation of 5,000 baht to Nick Fawcus Robinson and all the staff at the PADI dive centre on Soi Yauan; opposite the 7-11. They have distributed food and water to the local Thais and the queues seem to be getting bigger and bigger. If you are willing to help in any way whether it be helping out with contributions, shopping or cooking or anything. Then please contact him directly.
The photos in the Gallery below are from all over Rawai with amazing people doing amazing things.


The Holland House Project in Kathu, Phuket - Sunday April 5th, 2020

Rawai Pool League help the The Holland House Project in Kathu.

Thank you to all the players and committee for making sure that those less fortunate get the essentials needed to get by.
Andre GisingThe Holland House Project in Katu and houses children who do not have families or have been abused. There are currently 8 children left in the care of 4 staff who live and work there. It was a very emotional offering today, but thank you one and all especially Andre Gysin (--->) who donated 8,000 baht to the kids.
Though we only spent 13,000 baht today we will donate another 5,000 next month as promised. I could not fit any more into my car ;-) Thank you everyone in the RPL for your continued support. You are amazing.


The Autistic Syndrome Center in Kathu, Phuket - Saturday November 30th, 2019

Rawai Pool League help the Autistic Syndrome Center in Kathu.

Today at the Phuket Centre in Katu, The Rawai Pool League donated THB 15'000 to the centre that educates and rehabilitates children from as young as 5 to 18 that are autistic or have down syndrome.
This project that we decided upon came after I visited Khun Natsasi ( Head Teacher) at the centre and we talked about how the children could manage their own daily care of hens that would lay up to 150 eggs a day. These hens would come all the way from Patalung Province, and the students would collect the eggs daily in the morning, feed and give them fresh water everyday. The eggs would be used to feed the 80+ students at the centre and those who are house bound and unable to come to the centre for care. The eggs that are left will be sold to parents that bring their children to the centre and also to the local people in the area.
The profits from the eggs will be saved so that in a year from now, they would be able to once again purchase more hens for the project. The children learn new skills by keeping the pen clean, how to look after them, give a sense of responsibility to the students and above all, they really take care of the hens. It is a special time for the students to see at first hand, what it is like to nature and feed the birds and they love taking turns in mucking out and carefully removing the hens and clean out the cages by hand. The life expectancy of the hens are about 8-12 months and when they have stopped producing they are used for meals writhing the centre, this is a very hard time for the students as they get extremely attached to them over time, so it was important for us to help the Centre and buy more hens to complete the cycle. It gave me great pleasure to be at the centre and meet the farmer who brought the hens and met all the staff that worked there.
This is an on going project and the Rawai Pool League are greatful to all our patrons and friends that helped make this moment into a long and just event. Thank you making this happen everyone.


Rawai Temple School, Phuket - Tuesday November 19th, 2019

Rawai Pool League help the Rawai Temple School.

The Rawai Pool League donated nearly THB 10'000 worth of sports equipment and accessories to the Rawai Temple School today. The head master Khun Gea asked us to help him get the students into a more healthy lifestyle and asked us to donate sporting accessories.
We donated, football's, netballs, basketballs, nets, volley balls, badminton rackets and cocks, skipping ropes, tennis balls, pumps and bibs in an attempt to get the students into sports. They have also hired a new sports teacher and added PE to the new curriculum. It was a pleasure to see the kids faces with all their new equipment.
A big thank you to each and everyone of you that keep on donating on a Monday night, so that we can keep making the lives of others, that little bit better. We are truly greatfull for your continued support and good will.


Life Home Project, Phuket - Saturday October 5th, 2019

Rawai Pool League help Life Home Project with a donation of THB 23'500.

The Life Home Project Foundation is a non profit organization with the goal of preventing the spread of HIV, as well as helping HIV-infected/affected people and Aids patients. They have been registered under Thai law since opening in 2002 and continuously served the community ever since.
The Rawai Pool League contacted the organization back in September and I had the pleasure of meeting the school's manager Mr. Doll and he showed me around the centre where there are currently 12 children residing in the Centre. After careful collaboration with the directors, The Rawai Pool League wanted to donate some of the money collected by our patrons to help the children of the Centre. A list of items chosen by the management was sent and we were more than happy to supply the centre with all kinds of personal gifts, so that the children would feel more comfortable with their own things. We also bought beds and duvets, sheets and blankets for new children who would be attending there after the October break.
The RPL donated more than 23'000.- Baht to the organization and we proudly presented these to the children and to the school itself. The RPL continues to support and donate to charities around Phuket and we are committed as ever to help those in need. The committee would like to thank all the members of this league and friends of the league for thier continuous support and good will.


Soi Dog Foundation, Mai Khao, Phuket - Wednesday October 2nd, 2019

Rawai Pool League help Soi Dog Foundation with a donation of food, medecine and sterilization equipment.

The RPL donated more than 8,000 Baht worth of food, medecine and sterilization equipment to the Soi dog foundation on monday 30th September. We delivered all the food etc, to the foundation which is located up near Mai Khao beach in the North West of the island.
We have been contact with the management there and they gave us numerous things that the dogs and cats needed on a daily basis. The foundation's agenda is to improve the welfare of the dogs and cats on the island with better living conditions and care. The non profit organisation relies on public funding and the committee decided we should get involved and help out this worthy cause. The staff were all extremely friendly and they were grateful for our donation.
We thank everyone for their contributions to the charity that the Rawai Pool League collects and continues to donate to worthy causes on the island.
If you wish to get involved in the Soi Dog Foundation, you can contact them directly at the addresses below:


Yes School, Rawai - Monday September 30th, 2019

Rawai Pool League continues their support for the Yes School in Rawai with a donation of stationary and supplies.

The RPL donated just over 11,000 baht worth of Sports kits and sports equipment to the students and teachers of the YES school in Rawai.
This is now our forth visit to the school and it was a pleasure to be greeted by staff and the students alike. Two do our members, mark from the Islander Bar in Rawai and Serge from Black Bull rawai helped donate the kits and handed all of them out to the students. Each child got a brand new sports kit and even the teachers and some of the older students were given Red kits. With schools new volley ball and Basket ball court in place, the students will now be able to play a lot more sports and have fun while still learning.
The RPL have already donated their first ever school uniforms, donated classroom supplies to every child, helped with a new classroom and now in addition to all of this, presented them with their sports equipment and kits. The RPL will keep helping local and non local charities as we continue our promise to help those who really need it in our community.
If you are ever in the Rawai area and fancy calling into the school itself, then you may go and meet the friendly staff there and meet the students to. The school is situated right next to the Yes coffee shop the coffee and banana cake are woth it too.


Good Shepherd Vocational Training Center - Monday April 22th, 2019

Rawai Pool League donates oven to Good Shepherd Vocational Training Center

Your committee, Richard, Ding and Eric, is very proud to announce the latest charity donation made by the Rawai Pool League. Yesterday we officially handed-over a commercial oven to the Blue House Vocational Training Center in Phuket Town. This is the RPL's largest single donation from the charity fund, allocating THB 43,000 from the monies collected by the players, captains, bar owners and friends of Rawai Pool League.

The Vocational Training Center provides hairdressing, massage, computer skills and English in Phuket Town. The center has trained over 500 women and men, and with the help of the RPL's donation will now offer cooking courses.

About Good Shepherd Phuket:
Good Shepherd Sisters is a charity focused on providing educational and vocational training to mothers and children. They also offer assistance to HIV/AIDS sufferers in Nongkai. The Phuket branch is based in Phuket Town, and their website is available at :


Phuket Child Watch Bang Lung Pitak Daycare Center - Friday February 1st, 2019

Rawai Pool League donates to Phuket Prison Daycare Center.

The Rawai Pool League committee is please to announce our donation of kitchenware and electrical goods (and lollipops) to the Bang Lung Pitak Daycare Center. The daycare center is run by local charity Phuket Child Watch, and cares for children of prison inmates together with children of nearby families working on local construction sites.

Representing the RPL, Mr. Richard Hearne presents items to Khun Noi of Phuket Child Watch pictured with staff and children at Bang Lung Pitak Daycare Center.


Children's Day, Rawai - Friday January 11th, 2019

Rawai Pool League donates toys to local Rawai children on Wan Deg.

The Rawai Pool League donated a large number of children's toys for distribution at the annual Rawai Children's Day celebration held near Soi Madsayid.

Representing the RPL, Mr. Richard Hearne and Khun Ding present gifts purchased with funds fromt he RPL CHarity Fund.


Yes School, Rawai - Friday October 30th, 2018

Rawai Pool League donates tables, chairs and whiteboards to fit out new classroom at Yes School.

Continuing it's long history of support for thew Yes School in Rawai, the Rawai Pool League is happy to announce it's latest donation to the school. The RPL has provided desks, chairs and whiteboards to be used in a newly renovated classroom at the school.

With the latest donation made, the RPL has now contributed over THB 45,000 to the Yes School in just over 18 months.

Pictured standing with students at the official handover (L-R): Khun Ding, Miss Natchaphat Hongarj (Khun "Ann"), Teacher Nway Nway Oo, Mr. Eric Colombo and Mr. Richard Hearne.

About Yes School: The Yes School was set up to provide education to children who are generally no entitled to state-provided education in Thailand. The majority of students are children of migrant workers from nearby nations such as Myanmar. The school relies on charitable donations, and is supported primarily by the Yes Coffee company who provide facilities and financial support to the school.


September Charity Box Collection - Saturday October 20th, 2018

On Tuesday 4th October 4 bars delivered their charity boxes to Eric at Colombo Bar. The total collected was THB 6,100.

Following on from this, Richard visited the remaining bars to collect funds directly from each box, and the total collected for September is THB 11'420.

In future the committee will try to collect all monies by visiting bars on the first Tuesday of each month.


Rawai Animal Lovers - Friday August 31st, 2018

Rawai Pool League donates pet food to help feed cats and dogs at Rawai Temple.

Based on a suggestions from a number of RPL members, today the Rawai Pool League donated 60KG of dry cat food to Rawai Animal Lovers group. Rawai Animal Lovers is a group of like-minded individuals who help care for and feed stray animals abandoned at Rawai Temple. Simone from Rawai Animal Lovers is pictured here accepting our donation.

If you would like to learn more about what Rawai Animal Lovers do, or to help feeding the animals, please contact Simone via their Facebook Group:


Yes School, Rawai - Friday August 24th, 2018

Rawai Pool League continues their support for the Yes School in Rawai with a donation of stationary and supplies.

Another day, another donation!

Today Rawai Pool League gave stationary and class materials (value approximately THB 8,000) to the Yes School in Rawai. RPL has donated multiple times to the school, located in the grounds of Yes Coffee Roasting, and we intend to donate a significant amount to a planned new classroom to be built in the coming months.

A big thanks to Pee Ding, Eric Colombo and Mark Laurence for their assistance.

Pictured: Richard Hearne (far left) and Mark Laurence (far right) for the Rawai Pool League with students and teachers from Yes School.


Child Watch Phuket - Wednesday August 22nd, 2018

Rawai Pool League donates foodstuffs and supplies to Child Watch Phuket at their Kathu home for children.

Today we went shopping. Another tranche of the charity funds, which everyone in the league helped to raise, has gone to a good cause.

We delivered ~12,000 THB of food and goods - 48KG rice, noodles, chicken, fresh juice, nappies, milk powder, talc - to Child Watch Phuket in Kathu. This charity cares for 30 children during the day, 10 of which stay at the home 24/7. Those 10 kids were there when I made delivery.

Pictured: Richard Hearne (RPL), Khun Noi (far right, Child Watch Phuket), Some of the kids they care for, and another member of staff at the Kathu home.


The Good Shepherd School, Phuket Town - Thursday August 9th, 2018

Rawai Pool League donates a new freezer to The Good Shepherd School, Phuket Town.

The League donated a new freezer to The Good Shepherd School in Phuket Town. The backstory to this donation is a member of Phuket GOMS asked Mark Laurence if he knew anyone with an unneeded used freezer. The school's freezer had recently died, and they needed some way to keep food fresh.

Pee Ding (Pitabar), Mark Laurence (Islander Bar) and I went to the school yesterday and met with Sister Lukana Sukhsuchit who gave us a tour of the school and explained the work they do there. We all agreed that the school was a worthy cause for our funds, and afterwards we went to order the new freezer which was delivered today.

Pictured are some of the school students, the school's cook, Sister Lakana, and our RPL model representative Mark Laurence. This is the first donation (value THB 11,000) made so far from the funds we collected last season, and the Committee are working to donate more of our funds to other worthy causes in the coming weeks.


THB 129,000 Raised for Charity - Sunday July 15th, 2018

The committee is delighted to announce that the total collected for charitable causes through RPL donation boxes is THB 129,000.

This season (season 13) we placed collection boxes in each bar participating in the Rawai Pool League. Over 44 weeks of play we collected an amazing THB 129,000 which we will donate to worthy causes here in Rawai and Phuket. A massive thank you to all of you generous donors and bar owners.

We intend continuing our sponsorship of the the Yes School in Rawai and the Autistic Syndrome Center in Kathu.

Since our charity fund is significantly higher than last season, we would like to new charities and good causes. We gladly accept proposals from players and others associated with the League.


THB 37,032 Donated to 2 Great Causes - Monday Sunday July 22st, 2018

The committee completed the disbursement of funds collected during Season 12 to the Yes School in Rawai and the Autistic Syndrome Center in Kathu. The total amount donated to these 2 causes is THB 37,032.

The RPL purchased 48 uniforms for the pupils at The Yes School in Rawai. This school is run by Christian missionaries, and provides education to migrant children who would otherwise not receive an education via the traditional school system. The total cost of the uniforms was THB 21,880. This is their very first uniform, and the kids were really happy to receive something which most of us would take for granted.

Members of the league also traveled to the Autistic Syndrome Center in Kathu to donate goods worth THB 15,152.

Pictured: (top) Riky Filippi, Eric Colombo and Andre Gysin of the Rawai Pool League with children and staff at the Autistic Syndrome Center, (bottom) Kelly Jig O'Brien, Eric Colombo and Andre Gysin of Rawai Pool League with children at the Yes School.


School Supplies Donated to Yes School, Rawai - Sunday July 12th, 2018

The committee today delivered school supplies to the Yes School in Rawai. This is the first time the Rawai Pool League has supported local causes, and we hope to continue this tradition over time in order to help the community many of us call "home".

Video (Dutch) by our Belgian friend Rik Meuleman. Watch on YouTube



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